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Princess Zelda
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Name: Zelda Nohansen Hyrule
Alias, if any: As a Queen, Zelda is usually addressed as one would an important royal, though no name is ever used but Zelda. Despite her matriarchal position, she has retained the title of ‘Princess’.
Series: The Legend of Zelda series, and she is the Princess from the game Twilight Princess.

Mode of entry into the RP: Refugee from a destroyed world.

Brief description on how you expect your character to start out: Awaking on board ship.

The only child of the King of Hyrule, Zelda was accepted as the royal heir in childhood, following the death of her mother. From a young age, she was taught court politics, and country ethics, and all manner of arts and suchlike – everything it was considered proper to be taught. Then again, even at such a young age, she showed an interest in other pursuits, archery and swordplay for instance. Something of a tomboy, one was more likely to find the young Princess playing with horses and arrows rather than gardens and flowers.

However, as with many of those in her ancestry, she also possessed a mysteriously mature level of judgement and a level of wisdom and intelligence far surpassing the children around her, even many of the adults. She displayed empathy from this age, the skill already so intrinsically a part of her that it seemed almost like telepathy. During her adolescence, these attributes seemed to become even more finely honed, and were then joined by precognition, and dreams that seemed to be wrapped in meanings deeper than most. The reason for this was that Zelda, as many of her ancestors sharing the name before her, had been blessed by the three Goddesses of her land at birth – in fact, she bore one part of their sacred relic, the Triforce; the part she was in possession of being that which embodied wisdom.

Life, however, continued as normal for the Princess, and she continued her studies, now also learning the magic that her blood and her position imbued her with. Still, even as the older women of the court took to teaching her etiquette and how to dress for which occasion, she never quite lost that tomboyish edge from her childhood – beneath her skirts she would be wearing hardy riding boots, and her skill with the bow and the sword increased. Her intent, however, was never to become a warrior queen; she simply believed that a ruler should be able to take up arms for their people regardless of gender or age.

She had not yet lived for two score years when her father passed away of illness, a long and crushing thing that had no diagnosis and no cure. Yet Zelda was the Princess – no, now Queen, and it was vital she retained strength. Through prayer and her traditional good judgement, she prevailed, and was crowned shortly after her twentieth birthday.

Though her people had been understandably dubious, Zelda became a respected leader. She was intelligent when making her decisions, yet compassionate and selfless. A woman who would soon be a beloved Queen.

A few brief years passed peacefully, but this was not to last. Age old enemies rose in the form of Zant, a man who claimed to be King of the realm Zelda’s people had used long ago as somewhere to banish a megalomaniacal tribe to – the Twilight. His demand was clear; Zelda would sacrifice her own lands to the Twilight, to Zant’s rule, or her people would be slaughtered.

Zelda dreamt of hope. And so she surrendered her people to the Twilight, resigned to a trapped maiden. Some may have considered it cowardly, yet she did it in the belief that soon, there would be a saviour. In a young man, that saviour was found. Aiding him in his quest by sacrificing her own life-force to save his companion and guide, the true ruler of the Twilight Realm, light was eventually returned to the land, Hyrule was saved, and Zelda was restored to her past self, restoring her country piece by piece.

But even this was not to last.

Scarce years afterwards, the provinces of Hyrule faced further danger. Sickness struck her people, a plague that almost wiped out entire towns, and no cure or cause was to be found, not even to the Queen. With no answer from the Goddesses, the deserts rose in a storm that never ended, causing famine and pestilence. Rivers ran dry or flooded. The once beautiful land was torn asunder, a barren wasteland. Monsters, unlike those seen before, roamed the outskirts, roamed the fields, roamed the streets of Zelda’s own city. Fighting a losing battle to save her subjects in any way possible, Zelda’s dreams became more violent, more apocalyptic.

And then she dreamt of hope. Or some semblance of it.

Zelda is a wise and righteous leader, relentlessly seeking the best for her people. She is driven and motivated, each action performed to support her beliefs – the greater good. Intelligent and clever, Zelda possesses an innate good judgement, and makes valuable decisions. Her nobility and experience has bred in her a confidence which is rightfully there – she is humble rather than arrogant, selfless and willing to sacrifice herself entirely for the greater good.

Indeed, the greater good is something Zelda strives to achieve at all times, yet the greater good is not a concept which pleases everyone. Often, her decisions may seem cold, impartial, though she always acts in the best of intentions. Though her wisdom helps her in mediating her temper, she is a passionate person, and if she believes something to be right she is not shy of arguing it. Zelda also detests the very idea of hurting others, yet if it will be for the betterment of her people and land as a whole, or to protect those dear in general, she will certainly enter into a fight with nerves of steel. Her court was one she ruled fairly but firmly, and such things as deceivers and liars were not to be tolerated - despite her wisdom, ruthless politics are not a thing she enjoys contending with, for her own approach is honest and steadfast. Zelda's highest priority, coupled rather haphazardly with the greater good, is ethics and morality – she detests those deemed unrighteous, for her Goddesses are golden ones, and those she looks upon are often either pitied or disliked for their misdeeds. Some find her constant taking of the moral high ground infuriating at the least, for she herself has often been less than perfectly ethical in her need to save her people.

At her heart, Zelda is a driven and compassionate young woman, wise beyond her years yet still very much holding the virtue of her childhood dear.

Princess Zelda

Zelda has inherited the healthy pale skin, lustrous blonde hair, and bright blue eyes of her family line. She has, over time, had many a suitor, and is considered beautiful in the eyes of most. Nobility and wisdom is clear upon her smooth features, her high cheekbones and long nose. She is tall, with a willowy yet decidedly feminine figure, long limbed and devoid of much visible muscle.

Rich silks and velvets are what she dresses in, with fine embroidery and embellishment – garments befitting a Queen, of course. Her clothes, often bearing elaborate gems and coupled with ornate jewellery, always bear the sign of the sacred Triforce, occasionally other symbols of her country and its provinces. No matter how luxurious the outfits, however, and how impractical they look, she can move easily in them – Zelda would loathe wearing clothing she could not ride, shoot, or slash in.

However, to those who do not know of the Hylian race, the most striking thing may be her long, pointed ears. These are evident on each of her people, as they are believed to help hear the whispers of the Goddesses.

Zelda is a skilled archer and is capable of basic swordplay, though her skill with the latter is nowhere near formidable. Though not exactly dressed for it, she is considerably agile, and is physically fit, even if she’s rather feeble when it comes to physical strength, and not capable of great stamina.

Bearing the Goddess’ Triforce of Wisdom, Zelda is capable of a handful of magically enhanced and created things. Cognitively, she is capable of fantastic judgement and wise decisions, yet these take time in coming as she thinks them out so thoroughly. Precognitive and a highly skilled empathy, Zelda has the – often annoying – ability to grasp how a person may be feeling – on weaker minds, she may even read some of their thoughts, though dislikes doing so. Her dreams often contain prophecy of some kind, her prayer often answered.

Magically, Zelda is capable of fairly powerful protective spells and barriers. Attack magic is not quite as easy for her, yet she can certainly conjure it when needs must. She is also a skilled healer, and places the most emphasis upon her supportive magic. However, these deeds will leave her extremely drained unless they are small, even when she is in peak condition, and therefore, all of her magic is used only when she feels it must be.

The night was cold; bitter. A fire burned in the grate, crackling and fierce, yet it seemed devoid of all heat, and Queen Zelda shivered, chittering – the sound was odd and jarring to her ears, for she felt she had no right in doing so, not when her people perished with each passing minute. For hours now she had sat, awake, spine ramrod straight and eyes wide, at the sky outside. It was an oddly unhealthy colour of blue, as though the life had been sapped from that too, without mercy and without hope, crumpled by this nameless, faceless evil.

She sighed, and that too was harsh in the silence, much too rasping and breathless. Even the air felt lifeless, too dense and clammy, as though it sought to choke her and drown her. Yet still she sat, alive and breathing it, the taste thick and putrid in her mouth and on her tongue. No hope now, no hero, no divine intervention. Simply nothing.

Thinking so, she drifted off to sleep.

Castle Town had been a fair city, once, sprawling and lively, full of music and laughter and joy. It hadn’t been perfect, no place could be, but now, now it was almost too heavenly to comprehend. The Queen’s footsteps echoed on flagstone paving, one, two, one, two, and it took every effort for her to remember how to walk that one, two.

The sun was setting, she realised, the sky turned dirty yellow and indigo, as though whichever power had started all this had painted over the colours with grime. Her eyes fell upon the sun itself, the body of light and warmth and life, and as she watched it sink, for how long she did not know, she realised it was not setting, but dying. Perishing with all else.

There had been a time, once, where as she’d walked she’d run to her clusters of subjects, seek to help them, to save them or at least ease their passing. No longer. Now she moved amongst them, silent and unseen, tracks of tears dry on her face and stained now with dirt.

Still, her people stood in little clusters, clinging to their last bastions of life. They were silent, however, reverently so, and Zelda moved closer, hearing the flutter of wings.

Birds. The town square was filled with birds. And each one of her subjects was reaching out to catch them, to seize them, these beautiful things unlike anything Zelda had ever seen.

Silver birds.